The first meeting that began the project to become our Boys & Girls Club was called in late 1994, initiated by members of the El Dorado Community Round Table on Human Rights and spearheaded by Joan Stek and the late Mitch Finberg. After a year’s work by the task group from the Roundtable a steering committee co-chaired by Bob Edwards and Bill Center formed and included representatives from the grass roots sector, Parks and Rec, Public Health, Law Enforcement, Marshall Hospital, local government, youth leadership, and strong support and participation of the education community led especially by Dr. Vicki Barber. The El Dorado High School Health Academy students who actually raised the first funds for the Boys & Girls Club (over $600) by getting sponsorships for a sleep-over in the parking lot across from Sweetie Pies are to be remembered and honored as well. The Community Roundtable on Human Rights, whose leadership gave all needed support for the beginning of the project, showed up early the morning after the students’ sleepover to cook a hot breakfast for those kids right there on site. All these folks’ dedication and perseverance gathered all the pieces for the expertise of Ms. Toni Sarcinella (our first Executive Director) to pull together and open the first doors of the Club at the Armory in 1997.

The original Board was formed in 1995 and Ginger Swigart, Francie Heim, Jim Coate, Joan Stek and Gordon Vicini, all members of the original Board, remain active today!

On June 2, 1999 our local Club began daily programs for kids at the Armory in Placerville. Today we serve over 375 kids daily between the ages of 5 and 18 at our three locations on the Western Slope.

The Boys Club, that’s where I looked for hope and purpose and direction. That’s where I learned to dream – to think big…..
— Denzel Washington