In 1995, a group of concerned and dedicated people decided something needed to be done for the young people on the western slope of El Dorado County. They wanted a safe place and the best programs available so they searched for the organization with the greatest track record serving children. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America program was chosen. Boys & Girls Clubs have been serving young people for 140 years and today, over 4,000 Clubs provide youth development programs for over 4 million kids. Communities having Boys & Girls Clubs have found that members have lower school dropout rates, lower juvenile crime rates, higher grades, less gang involvement and less drug, alcohol and tobacco use.

On June 2, 1999 our local Club began daily programs for kids at the Armory in Placerville. Today we serve over 300 kids daily between the ages of 5 and 18 at our three locations on the Western Slope.

The Boys Club, that’s where I looked for hope and purpose and direction. That’s where I learned to dream – to think big…..
— Denzel Washington