Registration for the 2019-2020 After School Program is now open!

Please contact the Front Desk at (530) 295-8019 with questions on registration.

How to Register
1. Pick a Clubhouse: For Placerville, Georgetown, & Pollock Pines follow this process. For EDH, go to the EDH Clubhouse page. The registration process for the EDH Clubhouse is different than listed below.
2. Complete membership application(s):
-Separate application for each member required
-Can be filled out online or on paper (downloadable above)
3. Complete Additional forms as needed:
-Scholarship Application & Income Verification: For families on Free or Reduced School lunch (more
information on scholarships below)
-ASES Application: For members that attend Sierra or Schnell Elementary schools
4. Submit paperwork & pay membership fee:
-Submit all paperwork to the Front Desk of the Clubhouse your member will be attending.
-Application must be submitted a minimum of 1 full business day in advance of attendance.
-Membership fee due at time of application. Application not accepted without membership fee. Online
applications not valid until membership fee is paid.
Membership Fee: $25 per member OR $60 for family of 3 members or more

The Boys & Girls Club of El Dorado County Western Slope issues scholarships by the same criteria used to determine if your household is eligible for FREE or REDUCED school lunch. It is required that you submit verification of your income with your scholarship application. It is preferred that you submit a copy of your FREE or REDUCED school lunch letter as verification. If you do not have access to a school lunch letter, you may submit 2 consecutive paystubs, latest tax documents, or state issued welfare cards. Please note that there are now monthly or annual fees for ALL members on scholarship, including those that qualify for FREE school lunch. Please see the 2019-2020 Rates & Fee Sheet for more information.