Daily homework help, computer instruction, reading literacy, college prep and more are the focus of this core area. The Club is aligned with the schools on the work being done during the school day so we can be ready to assist after-school. Ultimately the focus of our Academic Success program is ensuring that every young person who utilizes our Club is promoted to the next grade level and eventually move on to a post secondary education or trade school.

We have a responsibility to teach our young kids how to be good and responsible members of the community they live in. The vast majority of our kids come from broken homes and impoverished circumstances. Quite often these kids do not get the moral compass skills they need to be the best they can be. Targeted programming for our young men and women focuses on providing our young people with opportunities to do the right thing and act the right way. Community service projects are designed and implemented by leadership groups made up of our Club members for the betterment of their community. The Club recognizes that teaching our young men and women the importance of growing into men and women of integrity and strong character is a huge factor in fostering a healthy community now and in the future. The leaders of tomorrow are the youth we serve today.

The final piece of the puzzle focuses on our young people living healthy and fulfilling lives. Positive decision making is stressed in a vast array of programming throughout our clubhouses. Physical fitness, healthy eating and safe and positive life choices are all a part of what we do. Daily activities focus on getting our members off the sofa and involved in active play. A nutritional daily snack is always provided to our kids, which in many cases proves to be the only healthy thing they will consume all day. Lastly, programs geared towards young men and women focus on making smart decisions as it relates to drugs, alcohol and premature sexual activity are a cornerstone of this core area.

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